Coldplay – The Scientist – Meaning


Coldplay, The Scientist – 5:09 – Voice: Chris Martin
Album: A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)

Meaning or interpretation

As can be seen from the lyrics of the song, the protagonist is struggling with remorse, looking back, in what he has been in the past, and full of melancholy and nostalgia. He would like to go back and change things, change his actions, live more emotionally, with less numerical calculations, fewer figures, less scientific rationality. The mind and the subjective feelings can not be explained by too many rational calculations, behavior must also be guided by emotion, which must not be suppressed. Love has no laws, and you can not try to foresee it, because science questions and answers do not speak as strong as our heart. The reference to science could be symbolic or literal, in the latter case a scientist with love, influenced by his form of inquiry with scientific questions, with a difficulty in letting go of feelings. The report naufrags and then tries to regain the lost relationship, apologizing to his beloved. She asks you to tell him his secrets and ask his questions, as he does at the beginning of a knowledge, when one discovers each other with curiosity. He took it for granted, he thought his relationship was smooth with the logic with which a machine works, setting aside the most unfathomable and emotional needs of her. And so now he would like to clear those mistakes, but maybe it’s too late, because the spell has broken.

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