U2 – With Or Without You – Meaning


U2, With or Without You – 4:56 – Voice: Bono (Paul David Hewson)
Album: The Joshua Tree (1987)

Meaning or interpretation

The immediate meaning of this song is clearly the painful end of a love story, in which he expects from her, more than you are willing to give, or can give (“You give it all but I want more”) , Or in other words, the relationship has crashed and him have mixed feelings, is bad both with her neighbor and with her away, because of his strong affection for her. The phrase “See the stone set in your eyes” by some is translated in the sense of gemstone, precious stone in the eyes, so metaphor of shimmering eyes, glittering and full of love, but can most probably be seen as a metaphor of coldness in the eyes, In the sense of cold stone. Crossing the storm came to the shore, that is, the end of the relationship. The words “My hands are tied / My body bruised” can make you think of a betrayal by her. The words “Nothing to win and / Nothing left to lose” can lead to the resignation of those who realized that in the relationship everything was lost, and a happy ending is no longer possible, despite the difficulty of getting rid of an affection He can more personally realize the protagonist, who can not give him what he is looking for. But in general, which is the precise meaning, this song speaks of something we can not do without, but at the same time makes us sick, and we are struggling to free ourselves, or we can not get rid of it. Another interpretation is more mystical and concerns Bono’s relationship with religion. Another interpretation still refers to the difficulties of coexistence of couples of different religions, since Bono had parents of different religions, Catholic father and Protestant mother, so he had influences from both the Catholic and the Anglican religions, two different Christian religions and then Represent the divisions we have had in Ireland, especially in Northern Ireland, among Irish independents, who were usually identified in the Catholic religion, and unionists or loyalists at the British crown and unity in the United Kingdom, usually identified in Anglican Protestant religion.

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